Children’s Dirt Bikes and ATV are not simply for boys- Girls ride also

Ultimately, manufacturers are beginning to realize that girls drive ATV’s and dirt bikes too. How we know? In earlier years, ATV’s and dirt bikes for sale were manufactured in 4 basic colours; Blue, Pink, Yellow and Red. In the event that you were a woman you’d to choose red or yellowish as the “Girl Colour”. What was the fun in that? Having the ability to customize your off-road product is what makes you a person and we didn’t think women should have to stay for red or yellowish any longer.

Dirt Bikes For Sale

Years ago we asked our manufacturers in China to make red plastics so that people could target feminine riders. They basically looked at as if we were crazy, but every year we extended to champ the combat for female themed products. We wished PINK, pink dirt bikes, pink ATV’s, red helmets and pink riding gear.

Six months ago, girl themed ATVs and dirt bikes for sale made their way to the United States. Extreme Motor unit Sales is now able to offer ATV’s and Dirt Bikes in red, purple and pink camouflage. The sizes range between a tiny 50cc -110cc for women and 150cc-250cc for females with matching pink helmets and pink equipment to keep them safe and stylish.

In the 2006 national study 37% of new ATV and 100cc dirt bike sales are to the feminine demographic, about 350,000 units. Feminine ATV and dirt bike ownership is on the rise with new colours and design options to lure the young and old riders as well. We can gladly say that the feminine demographic is no more being ignored.

In a recent research done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 1999, it shows that 80% of American women older than 65 operate one motorized vehicle or the other. Quite a surprising statistics!


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